Artist & Educator

"Will's understanding of approaches to teaching special populations of students made for successful lessons that allowed for growth and discovery."

- Margo Wunder

(Cooperating Teacher)


Philosophy for Teaching:

I realize that most of my students will not grow up to become professional artists. However, teaching a child to think and solve problems creatively, like an artist, will allow them to be successful in their school academics, as well as, in their future careers.  


I aim to teach creativity by incorporating three creative habits.


These habits are…

Comfort with Ambiguity

I believe everyone struggles with uncertainty, children and adults alike. However, creative people view ambiguity as a challenge; they         accept it and persevere.


Idea Generation

I encourage students to create, develop, and communicate their own ideas. This can be done through experimentation with art materials, asking students to think intrapersonally, and challenging students to arrive at their own conclusions.


Interdisciplinary Thinking

An interdisciplinary art curriculum keeps students interested in art, other subject areas, and the world in which they live. Art education can make any subject more accessible because it incorporates multiple intelligences.


In addition to teaching creative habits, as an educator, it is my responsibility to inspire students to reach their highest potential. I have high expectations for all students. I set goals that are challenging yet adaptable based on individual needs. I teach students to be responsible for themselves, their tools and materials, and the people around them. By doing so, I aim to create an environment in my classroom that is based on showing mutual respect and empathy for others.  


Dec 2017

PA Instructional I, Art K-12



Drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, & digital photography


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Painter, Microsoft
Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Createspace, iBooks Author, Trello, and basic coding knowledge


Dec 2017

University of the Arts (UARTS), Philadelphia, PA

Master of Arts in Teaching

May 2013

Ringling College of the Art + Design, Sarasota, FL

Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration

Curriculum & Lessons K-12